Saturday, May 5, 2012

Two champions

Thanks to the magic of Tivo, I was able to spend this afternoon watching not one...
but two championship performances. 
 I'll Have Another and Mario Gutierrez may have won a blanket of roses and a great big check, but I was just as impressed with Flicker of Lightning and Teresa Buzzell.
After all, it's not every day you see a twenty nine year old horse best the competition.  Woo hoo and congrats to all the day's winners!


  1. Huge congratulations to Flick and his mom!

  2. The Stone likeness does not do justice to Flick's trot. Just sayin'

  3. WOW!!!

    He does not look 29!!! What a beautiful horse!! Go Flick!! YOU ROCK!!!!

  4. Teresa's horse is gorgeous! 29?! Really impressive. Congrats to them!

  5. LOVE the photos Jennifer! I took a look at the video Jase shot and it looked SO MUCH better than it felt :)

    Thanks once again for joining me and taking photos...I can't WAIT to see the rest. The trot one you posted though will take a lot to beat out of my favorite position :D

    Michael loved the one of Guinness halting :)

  6. I've finished editing pictures from your first ride, and although there are lots of good shots, that trot photo is definitely the best. I have not even looked at the pictures from the second ride. Here's hoping that there will be another excellent capture!

  7. Flick looks AMAZING!!! Yes, that trot photo is definitely one to hang on the wall. So glad you got the photos (and still got to see the Derby ;-).

    Teresa, you look great, too, and I think all of your money was well-spent if it makes you feel any better. I've been eyeing that helmet myself and great to see it in action! Congratulations on your excellent horsemanship and horse-keeping. Flick is lucky to have you.