Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prix Caprilli pictures

Today's pictures were taken during the Prix Caprilli class at last Saturday's schooling show at Flying Star Stables in Brighton, Colorado.

The first horse in the ring was Guinness.  This big boy is a five year old Hanoverian/Shire cross owned by Teresa's friend, Michael.
The test began much like any other dressage test.  Michael and Guinness entered the arena at a trot and halted at X.  If Guinness noticed something unusual about the dressage ring, it wasn't obvious.
The test proceeded as usual...
until they rounded the corner and Michael pointed Guinness at the first jump.  
Guinness' head popped up and his expression said, "Really?!"
He remained unconvinced...
but jumped willingly.
Up and over.
Yee haw!
As exciting as that was, Guinness is a good boy.  He settled down almost immediately...
and the approach to the second jump was a lot quieter.
Go, Guinness!
I think the jumps in a Prix Caprilli take most horses by surprise.  No matter how steady they are during the rest of the test...
that first jump is a little bit exciting.
Up and over.


  1. Yee haw! LOL!
    Looks like fun!


  2. Great photos - thanks for posting!!

  3. And THIS is how you get a jumping model into the dressage ring at a live show!!!

  4. A guy on a horse doing dressage... Is he single?

  5. Sorry, Valerie. Michael has a very nice, very pretty girlfriend who also rides. Actually, there's a picture of her on the chestnut Arab in this post.

  6. Beautiful photos and horses! Looks like a lot of fun! Do you own any of the horses?

  7. Very cute! Love the look on the horse's faces.

  8. I like that Guinness boy (the horse, thank you) very much! Wouldn't have thought WB X Shire would be such a success.

    I have never heard of Prix Caprilli, but looks like fun for everyone!

  9. I'm not generally a fan of draft horses as riding horses, but Guinness *is* nice. You can see the Shire in him, but the sport type dominates.