Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Almost wordless Wednesday

You knew there were going to be more baby pictures today, right?

This is Sport Royal de Prix.  He is a 2011 Trakehner colt by Guy Laroche.  He is a cousin of WEG silver medalist Mistral Horjis and his dam is vaguely related to Totlias.

These pictures were taken just a few minutes after Sport stepped off the trailer that delivered him to Colorado.  From a photography standpoint, I was disappointed that he didn't flag his tail and run up and down the fence line.  Still, it was hard not to be impressed by the relaxed and quiet way that he explored his new surroundings. 

The last three photos show Trillium and Samson watching the new arrival.  Sometimes Samson acts more like an overgrown puppy dog than a horse.  He was just dying to go check out the new kid.



  1. Wow! He is such a beauty!
    By the way, I love your blog!


  2. Thank you, Rosie. I really love your comments!


  3. I love the end of his mane and forelock!! That is so different. Would love to see more pics if you have them - besides the already amazing pictures you have!

  4. He is one elegant and classy fellow. Hope he turns into everything they are hoping for! I like Trakehners and appreciate that they are one of the older, "genuine WB" breeds. I know you will enjoy watching him grow and we will have fun following along. :-)

  5. Sunbleached manes ftw! :D
    He looks so mature for a yearling; it'll be interesting to watch him develop! :D