Sunday, May 27, 2012

Judging with Jennifer

The Other Performance division at yesterday's Springamathing Live Show opened with a one horse Harness class.  This was that horse:
Sigh.  He's cute model but as presented, he's not a great performance horse.  His harness is incomplete, he's not hooked to a cart and honestly, he's not really doing anything.  However, so much of model horse showing depends on whatever else is on the table.  In this case, nothing else was on the table.  I gave him the blue ribbon and NAN card and moved on.

Native Costume was next.  This was another small class with just two entries, both belonging to Teresa Buzzell.  Tariq, the Arab, is wearing a costume by Jennifer Wilson while Dirty Little Secret's regalia was created by Lynda Gillette.  The costumes are of similar quality and both horses are in roughly the same position.  I chose to place the Indian costume first mostly because it included a doll.  However, these two were very close and those placings could easily have been reversed.
The third class, Other Costume/Parade, was also a two horse, one owner event.  In this case the owner was new performance shower, Fabian Rodriguez.  Once again, both costumes were of similar quality, but this decision was much more clear cut.  The paso had bridle and bit issues that I couldn't ignore, making the Andalusian the clear winner.
Onto Other Performance!  This class had four entries.
The blue ribbon went to Teresa's showmanship entry.  Although her set-ups tend not to be flashy, Teresa knows how to build a clean, correct, well documented entry.  Although there are a few things I might change (psst, Teresa--put the lead in the other hand),  this was the clear winner of the Other Performance class.
Sheila Bishop's Brio Sambra resin, Chevelle placed second. 
This was a really nice entry with amazing tack and doll details.  Unfortunately, it really wasn't an "Other Performance" entry.  Either Other Western or Western Trail would have been a better class choice.   Some judges might have chosen to disqualify it on that basis, but we're pretty relaxed about things in Colorado.   
Besides, who wants to disqualify something this nice?  The Wade type saddle was made by Terry Newberry and the doll was dressed by Darla Curtis with tooled leather pieces by Kirsteen Haley.
Third went to Fabian's Smart Chic O'Lena who was also showing in Showmanship.  This was a nice try, but it just missed the mark.  On the plus side, the doll matched the horse well and the halter was well fitted.  Unfortunately, the horse is a bit high headed and fast for this event.  Additionally, the chain should be run through the halter rings and attached to the opposite side of the halter.  As it is now, the doll's hand is much too far from the horse's face. The doll looks to have little or no control, plus she's kind of falling over!  If I remember correctly, this entry did not include a pattern.  Documentation isn't strictly required, but pattern classes are best presented with the pattern.
I didn't take a photo of the fourth horse in the Other Performance class, but it was a Showmanship entry that didn't include a doll.  Dolls aren't required in most performance classes, but it's impossible to set up a good Showmanship entry without one.  That alone was enough to send that entry to the bottom of the pile.

The Other Performance division ended as it began--with a one entry class.  This time, however, it was a much more ambitious entry and a worthy winner. 
 Here's a look at the Other Performance division callback table.
Strictly speaking, Chevelle and Tariq were tied each having won one blue and one red ribbon.  I chose to put Chevelle on top, as I felt his entries were a bit more memorable.
Tariq had to settle for the Reserve Championship, but that's a pretty good showing for a model that's not particularly performance friendly!
English is next!


  1. Looks like an awesome show!
    Wish we had shows like that here!
    Great post!


  2. I love this post- it's so helpful to relatively new showers like myself to see how things are judged, even if the classes are tiny. And the Old Timer made me laugh ;)
    Can't wait for the others!

  3. Hehehe.. that is a COOL halter on that Ayrab And I find this fascinating.. so thank you jenn! I learn so much when I read you blog.. and I read it every day!!

  4. Heather- I think you made that halter! I won it in a raffle :D

    Jennifer - I think I forgot to hug you enough Saturday :D I hope you realize that finding a doll stand (or two) is high up on my list of stuff to purchase!

  5. Teresa! I did make it.. I was alluding to the fact that I made it.. lol!! I'm so glad it's showing well for you!!


  6. You did such a great job Jennifer. I didn't show up prepared for performance but I did it anyway. I only brought things for a couple of classes but got creative! You were rarin' to judge! I really appreciate the time you took to give pointers so I can do better in classes and hopefully be competitive at NAN! Thanks and a job well done!