Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do's and don't's

I read a lot of blogs and one of my very favorites is Leah Koerper's Shoestring Stable.  Recently, Leah posted an excellent article titled Repositioning Do's and Don't's.  Here's an excerpt:

DO be safe
Dremels and heat guns make repositioning easier, but it also makes it more dangerous (especially for a clutz like myself). Handily, it doesn’t take too much of an investment (just some creativity) to protect yourself.

No matter how careful you are, cutting plastic results in flying bits and nasty dust. Protect your eyes from harm with a pair of goggles, often available second hand for cheap- check garage sales and thrift stores. Keep the plastic dust out of your lungs with a dust mask. Sure, you can buy those little white face masks, but I prefer the bandit look for economy and style.

When using a heat gun, plastic pony parts can get really hot, but you need to maintain dexterity in your fingers to accurately manipulate the heated plastic. That’s why I opted for a thick pair of socks on my hands to protect myself from burns.

Bottom line: I look totally ridiculous when I’m customizing.

This is Leah looking smart, safe and only slightly ridiculous.
As I mentioned before, this is a really good article with lots of good advice.  It's only missing one thing-- a picture showing a whole slew of repositioning don'ts.  Fortunately, I have just that picture in my files!
Granted, Tiffany''s using a hacksaw rather than a dremel, but still, there's no protection to be seen.  And then there's that whole issue of using stocking feet to hold the model...  Tiffany, you flunk model Repositioning Safety 101!  Please read Leah's article and try again.

P.S.  This is not even the most embarrassing photo from that particular customizing session.  I am saving the others for blackmail purposes a special occasion.


  1. Bwahahaa ... Oh, Tiffany. Have any hacksaw stories you care to share?

  2. LOL! I wanna see the blackmail photos...

  3. At home, I write the names of my not so favorite students on the models before I take the saw to that wrong?

  4. LOL Tiffany!

    I think it's much better than taking it out on the students themselves

  5. I'm surprised it's the kids rather than certain other staff members...

    Sort of related--you should have seen the look on James' face when he came home and found me "gelding" a resin with my dremel. It took him a long time to get over that!

  6. Can you say, "Scarred for life?" LOL! Poor James! :-)

    I had absolutely no idea what was going on in that bathroom when I saw the photo before I read the text. Now I realize it was probably a horse beheading, or something similar... why IS she in the bathroom, anyway? Dust containment?

  7. I don't customize my horses in the bathroom, but then I live in a house full of men and my bathrooms are kind of icky.