Tuesday, May 1, 2012

High Plains Live resins, part two

Here are the second group of pictures from the resin halter division of the High Plains Live Model Horse Show which was held last month in Johnstown, Colorado.

The Sport Breed division opened with the Thoroughbred class.  My own Validator was the winner, and he went on to claim the Sport Breed Championship.
Sweet Basil was right behind him with a victory in the Mixed/Other Sport Breed class and the division Reserve Championship. 
The Braymere winning streak continued into the Draft division.  BFF won the European Draft class... 
and Jennibray placed first in the Other Equine class.
Two Purdy girls with two championship certificates!
Ponies were next.  I fell in love with this little Comet resin that was sculpted and painted by Sheila Bishop.
Nobody paints Appaloosas like Sheila! 
Heather Malone's Elsie was also an interesting new face. 
This girl was sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and painted by Steph Michaud. 
I was so distracted by the performance classes that I totally missed the European Pony class.  No matter.  Poka Tia still managed to win a NAN card as an American Shetland! 
 I also missed most of the Foal division.  This wasn't much of a loss since Squee! and Ragin Cajun were both victims of my packing mishap.
Finally, it was time for the Resin Halter callbacks. 
There were a lot of Braymere horses on the table, so I held my breath as the judge made her decision. 
Woo hoo!
Thanks again to Sheila for holding this show and to Jane for judging the Resin Halter division.  I love my Brio Sambra!


  1. Sincerely hoping that "packing mishap" means a forgotten parcel and not something much worse!

  2. No worries! Squee! is fine. I took her out of the tub to show Tiffany, and somehow she never made it back in. If it was something worse, I would have called it a "packing tragedy!"

    FYI--I'm planning to send a few horses to NAN with Tiffany. Squee! will be the only non-Purdy in the group.


  3. That's happy news! I'll have to thank Tiff, too! I don't have a single horse in my possession with a current NAN card, it's been that long since I've been to a show. This will give me something to look forward to and to refresh the NAN results screen all day long! Yeah!

  4. wish I would have seen Heather's mare in person...

  5. Great job and congratulations!


  6. That Appie is INCREDIBLE, although I'm afraid tears threatened. His/her butt looks exactly like my dear buddy Marbles' precious hiney (he was actually a Paintaloosa). Would I ever love a custom lookalike of him...

  7. (Dur, you can see him in my avatar!)

  8. I've often wondered about that beauty in your avatar. I have a serious soft spot for old type Appaloosas. Usually I blame Snickers, but honestly there were so many besides Snickers who influenced this--Nez, Shasta, Whiskers, Bessie... the list just goes on and on. None of these were the spotted QH type Appies, you see today, mind you. Somehow they all seemed totally different than that. I think that's why I have so few model Appies. I'm not just looking for flashy color--I want a specific body type and personality, too.


    Sheila really knows how to paint an Appaloosa. It doesn't surprise me that her work brings up a whole host of emotions in those of us who like spots.

  9. You're so lucky that you can go to shows that give away resins! I didn't even know that was possible until I read your blog!

    1. We have made the official announcement yet, but Jennifer Scott and I will be holding a live show in Aurora, Colorado on September 17, 2016. Our prizes will include resins... painted resins! Also, custom glazed chinas and tack.