Thursday, October 1, 2020


For the same reasons that fall is my favorite season, October is my favorite month.
The weather is absolutely perfect for riding, and I have ridden every day this week.
The real horses are definitely crowding out the models, which is fine. I know that winter is coming, and eventually things will even out.
But I also really want to enter the Mares in Black Spooktacular Photo Show.
So today I forced myself to start prepping my entries. Specifically, I made two ridiculous unique halters.
Hutch is a natural for Halter class ten, "Your horse is weird, dude."
Texas Blue has his sights set on class Fun class six, "Colorific."
I'm keeping my expectations modest, because I have seen what some of you are capable of. Still, I am hopeful that maybe I can win at least a couple of Dani Youdris' amazing ribbons.
photo, tack and ribbons by Dani Youdris
I have two weeks to get my pictures taken and uploaded. Can I do it when the outside temptations are so numerous? Only time will tell.

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