Friday, October 16, 2020

What could possibly go wrong?

That's the name of one of the performance classes at the Mares in Black Spooktacular Photo Show. It's a great theme, and right away I knew I wanted to field a back-to-back, double bareback jumping set-up. My main performance horse, Love N Stuff, is standing and, therefore, not well suited for an over fences entry. Instead, Olivia did the honors.

I'm usually good at ideas, but I really struggled with creating an entry for Love N Stuff. This class is all about bad decisions and impending doom, and she is the ultimate sweet, bombproof horse. I kept looking at her and asking, "What could possibly go wrong?" and then answering, "It's Love N Stuff. Absolutely nothing is going to go wrong. She's got it all under control."
This is the 1:9 scale version of me riding Sweet Pea (a real live Love N Stuff) with a freshly repaired collarbone. I got yelled at on Facebook, but it was Sweet Pea. Nothing was going to go wrong.
After a lot of false starts, this is what I finally came up with. This was inspired by the "Beware of Rattlesnakes" sign that was posted by one of the Port-A-Potties along our trail. Always proceed carefully if you're using an outhouse in snake country!
It's perhaps not my strongest entry, but it's good enough. I set out to enter every single performance class, and I did. Mission accomplished. Now I need to shoot some halter photos!

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