Monday, September 14, 2020

Reality show

Altered Reality Perfomance was a last minute addition to the Pandemic Performance Panorama's class list, but there is nothing last minute about any of these entries. This was a fantastic - and often fantastical - class!
photo by Andrea Brygidyr
photo by Jackie Moore
photo by Maddy Rideout
photo by Fabian Rodriguez
photo by Hannah Mahardy
Erica Ferguson
photo by Lynn Cassels-Caldwell
photo by Sanne Grandjean
photo by Ulrike Appelt
photo by Christine Sutcliffe
photo by Julia Turner
photo by Tara Reich
photo by Anne Harder
photo by Corina Roberts
photo by Michelle Brown
photo by Sanne Grandjean
photo by Erika Baird
photo by Sondra Householder
photo by Stormy Morrell
photo by Cold Ruru
photo by Sarah Warren


  1. #StopTheAbuse

  2. Quoting my friend Sarah,"In term of problematic horse things side-saddle isn’t even on the radar. End big lick and then maybe we can talk about what’s next. It’s not side-saddle." Please stop using my blog as a forum for your ridiculous platform.

    1. Keren Gilfoyle-McGroartySeptember 15, 2020 at 9:59 AM

      So totally correct! Cheap side-saddle from the subcontinent (cheap in side-saddle terms is anything new under $1k) are generally bad for horse AND rider because of poor construction and materials, but a well-made side-saddle by a competent European or American saddler, properly fitted to both horse AND rider, is no more abusive than an astride saddle.

      To claim that it is, demonstrates a distinct lack of knowledge.

    2. Clearly you people don't care about horses

  3. I love Householder's black unicorn: Straight out of a Zelazny short story! (Unicorn Variation)
    This class inspires me.