Tuesday, October 27, 2020

MIB Spooktacular Saturday results

The Mares in Black Spooktacular Photo Show was hosted on Facebook. Entries closed October 16, and most of the show was judged over the weekend.

Of course, I spent most of Saturday at the barn. Partway through the day, I checked Facebook on my phone and saw that Jackie Rossi had commented on several of my photos. Since I hadn't posted any photos recently, I tapped the screen to see what that was going on. 
Woo hoo! Show results! 
I immediately clicked through all the notifications.
In addition to those from Jackie, there were also several from Anne Field was was judging the halter division.
This one was exciting.
Throughout the day, I continued to receive show notifications on my phone. 
They provided a much needed distraction from the sadness of the day.
In the end, I had a good day in the Specialist Performance division, and a great day in Halter. Who'd have figured?
Thank you, Jackie and Anne, not just for judging the MIB Spooktacular Photo Show, but more specifically, for judging it on Saturday. You made a bad day a lot more bearable, and I am delighted with my placings.


  1. Congratulations. I thought that Sliding Scale one was the best!

    1. My little scale got a workout at this show.

    2. all of your miniatures are way too adorable. And your use of dolls is just amazing!

    3. Dolls can really make or break an entry. I try to be sure mine are in the first category!