Monday, October 19, 2020

Photo showing is fun, part two

Photo showing is hard, but it's also fun, especially when you're friends with the competition. One of my favorite parts of preparing for the Mares in Black Spooktacular Photo Show was bouncing ideas off and comparing notes with Bobbie Allen.

Unlike me, Bobbie hasn't shown a lot of performance. This show, with its themed class list, was a walk on the wild side for her. 
Then, of course, she decided to up the ante by choosing a Breyer Smoky for her main performance model.
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
It shouldn't have worked, but somehow it totally did.
Sliding Scale
Her "Fly High!" entry was a thing of beauty.
I also loved her interpretations of "All Dressed Up,"
"Stock Market,"
"Drama Llama"...
and "Action Park."
All week long, we sent each other pictures of our entries and laughed over them.
Even though we live more than nine hundred miles from one another, it kind of felt like we were working together.
Liam's "Feathers" entry

I think we both have a chance to do really well in the Performance Consistency division.
But even if we don't, we're already winners.
Thanks for playing performance with me, Bobbie. That was really fun!


  1. I loved seeing Smoky used in all the performance entries! The judge has their work cut out for them!

  2. This is SO much better for Smoky. I like seeing a little bit of Jeff too.