Thursday, October 29, 2020

Show me something new

In a guest post dated June 20, 2009, Teresa Buzzell wrote this in regards to the abundance of Egg and Spoon entries at that year's NAN.

This pretty much sums up my view of Egg and Spoon performance entries. I have seen so many of them over the years. So, so, so many of them. I'll place them if they're deserving, but I won't be excited about it. 
Not going to lie, I've done it, too. This is Dun Up Purdy's games class entry at Wild Wild West 2007.
I've also watched and photographed a lot of real horse Egg and Spoon classes, including one this past Saturday at the Halloween barn party.
We have all seen enough egg and spoon photos, so I wasn't planning to inflict these pictures on anyone outside the Kenlyn circle. That changed when I saw some of the entries. There was a lead line entry...
and a driving entry.
Both of these were pretty interesting.
But not as interesting as this.
Tessa competed with the spoon in her mouth rather than her hands. It was epic.
But it didn't last long. 
In the end, top honors went to Jane on Chief. It's hard to beat a good rider on a gaited horse in an Egg and Spoon class.
I would not cry if the model horse hobby retired its Egg and Spoon class entries forever, but if you're going to do it, please try to make it interesting. Show me something new!


  1. As long as shows reward the individual horse that wins the most classes (rather than, say, the owner/barn), we will be plagued with egg and spoon entries to avoid having to change out of rail class tack only to have to change back into it for Trail and WP.

    1. I get why it happens. It's quick and easy and does not require a tack change. And honestly, there's nothing intrinsically terrible about it. It's just not interesting.

  2. I always thought that the egg and spoon relay race was performed with the spoon in your mouth, but then it may be the non-mounted/non-horsie version.