Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Recently, I decided to take some of the money I wasn't spending on traveling or live shows and invest in finishwork. Okie Too went to Danielle Dunn, Tucker went to Nikki Button and Heritage went to Morriah Voogd.

Heritage was an artist choice commission with a few guidelines. I wanted him a standard Morgan color, with minimal chrome and not a double dilute. We passed pictures back and forth until we were both satisfied that she knew what I liked. 

"Do you want to know what color he's going to be?" she asked.

"Surprise me," I said. "Just make him beautiful."

About a month later, Morriah sent me a whole slew of photos. She'd chosen to paint him a shaded liver chestnut.
I absolutely loved his face.
The detail work was amazing.
And not just the facial details.
I loved everything about him...
except the dapples on his barrel.
Don't get me wrong. They were beautiful, well done dapples, but they just weren't working for me. I like my chestnuts a little more subtle, so I asked Morriah if she could possibly tone them down just a little. 

Instead of being offended, she said, "I see what you mean. I can absolutely fix that."

And she did.
My Heritage came home last week, and I could not be more pleased with him.
He is perfection from one end...
to the other.
I love his expression.
And I especially love those dapples!
Thank you, Morriah, for being as gracious as you are talented. This was a first rate commission experience. 
P.S. Heritage needs a name! If you have any ideas, please leave a comment!