Monday, October 26, 2020

Halloween party

Saturday was Halloween barn party day.

and dogs dressed up for the occasion.
There were pumpkins,
and lots of painted toes.
I ran a photo booth...
the Fisher family with Muscatella
and also dressed Lucy.
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Once everyone had their picture taken, there was a costume contest in the outdoor ring. The winners were G and Beamer,
Valerie and Mikey...
and Samson and Joanie.
After the costume contest, there were mounted games.
These included old favorites like red light/green light, ride a buck, egg and spoon...
and a toilet paper event I hadn't seen before, but will definitely set up at a model show.
The party ended with a rowdy stick horse event.
I have no idea what was going on here, but it sure looked like everyone was having fun!
There were carriage rides...
and pony rides throughout the day...
and lots of snacks and party favors.
This was a good day (at least until it wasn't), and I feel fortunate to be a part of this wonderful barn family.


  1. no offense meant toward you -but are you allowed to say what happened to poor Casper? Did he colic? Did he break a leg or otherwise badly injured himself? Did hid owner decide to put him down due to his age?

    It helps a whole lot with closure if you're just told what happened --rather than leave it to conjecture on the part of your readers who like to follow your adventures!
    Casper felt like he was part of us too and we will miss him!

    1. Casper was an grand old man, but he was also a grey old man. He was on and off colicky for the last several months, probably because of internal tumors. That's not fixable, and since this last bout of colic happened right before a big temperature drop and snow storm, it was kinder to let him go.

  2. I made a model sized Harry Potter costume just like the one in this post!

    1. I'm probably biased because I adore Mikey, but that was my favorite costume.

    2. I am a slacker and have yet to make a doll to go with it.

  3. Those costumes were all adorable but I LOVED the Harry Potter one!