Saturday, October 31, 2020

October horses: Flynn, Stealth and Sophia

A little more than two months ago, Flynn's owner had a beautiful baby girl. Mother and daughter are doing well, and Becca is back in the saddle.
Happily, this hasn't meant the end of my time with Flynn. I'm still riding him two mornings a week.
Monday is one of my Flynn days, so every week starts like this.
After I'm done with Flynn, I'm usually joined by my friend, Marie's ten year old daughter.
With Stealth's help, I've been introducing Sophia to riding.
We've been working on the basics, mostly at a walk.
It's been fun for both of us. 
While I've been teaching Sophia about riding, she's been teaching me about Star Stable!
Sophia is now ready to move on to a better teacher with a steadier school horse. I'm looking forward to watching her progress, but I will miss our Mondays together.

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