Friday, October 2, 2020

Pictures from Sunday's ride

I rode every day this week. All the rides were good, but only one was truly memorable. That was the Colorado Hobbyists group ride in the Garden of the Gods on Sunday.

The day did not start auspiciously. It was cold, the skies were grey and our big group had dwindled to just four, three hobbyists and one husband.
Teresa Fedak, Jennifer Buxton and Beth McCarley
We all arrived early and watched the group before us mount up and head out.
Then it was our turn. Teresa told me that she didn't want to get a draft horse, so of course she did.
Beth was assigned to Minion and Eric got Mulan.
My horse was a black pinto Tennessee Walking Horse named Waylon.
Once everyone was on their horses, our guide came out and introduced himself. This is Matt and FireBall.
We rode down a little trail next to the corral.
This took us to a residential street.
We rode past several blocks of houses before we reached the trailhead. 
There we met another group of riders.
We let them pass and rode into the park.
And just like that, the sun came out and everything was amazing.
Every turn revealed another formation.
This one is the Sleeping Giant.
We crossed a bridge and a street.
Then we encountered our first set of stairs.
The higher we went...
the more amazing the views were.
Even though Waylon walks through this park every day, he was happy to stop and take in the sights.
Of course, what goes up must come down.
Waylon's downhill stair technique was to walk to the edge of each step, pause and then drop.
We went up and down several times.
Every step of the ride was interesting.
I was so sad when the red dirt turned back into asphalt.
All rides are good, but this one was exceptional.
Thank you to Academy Riding Stables for a most enjoyable riding experience. I will definitely be back!


  1. Looks like fun!! I had a ride booked with them for when I was there, but it was cancelled because of the snowstorm. :(
    Guess it means I just have to go back someday!

  2. I'm a Coloradan who's never yet been in that Garden. Thanks for sharing so well!

    1. How is this even possible? Garden of the Gods is amazing. You should plan a visit the next time you're in Colorado!

  3. I guess I have to add a ride in the Garden of the Gods to my bucket list. Or any ride in Colorado for that matter!

    1. If you make it to Colorado, I guarantee I will get you on a horse.