Wednesday, September 9, 2020

So bad they're good

There were so many fabulous entries in the Pandemic Performance Panorama online show. It would be a crime to showcase only the winners. In no particular order, here are a few (!) of the fabulous contenders from the Bad Performance class.
photo by Cold Ruru
"I think the picture speaks for itself but it seems like if it's a dream to jump fences, sometimes you have to jump them alone."
photo by Dani Youdris
"During some desensitization training, Queen of Thorns was not ok with floppy tubeman and thus balked when it got stuck in the fence."
photo by Ulrike Appelt
"Tárrega fights with the red and white killer snakes"
photo by Christine Sutcliffe
"TFW your horse is better at selfies than you"
photo by Dani Youdris
"Radiant is normally a sweet gentle boy... that is until the fly spray comes out! There isnt anything in the world he hates more than fly spray!"
photo by Sanne Grandjean
"Dropshot takes off after he got scared during training."
photo by Erica Ferguson
"Time decided that she was done with todays lesson and took the easy way out. Well easy for her, not so easy for her rider. Good thing they wore the blood stained pad."
photo by Danielle Dunn
"Canuck's Maple Edge decided to take an iconic trail ride under the Midnight Sun to a whole new level - which required a vehicle to catch him!"
photo by Lindsay Myers
"What do you do when your bareback bronc decides to stop broncing and scratch an itch?"
photo by Bethany Shaw
"The pattern indicates to walk through the poles at the cone."
photo by Mary Riordan
"Laurie's crossrail class was supposed to be two rounds of crossrails with two jumps on either side of the arena. Unfortunately her school horse decided to make better use of the time with a snack."
photo by Sarah Warren
"Clothes lined"
photo by Anne van der Weel
"Chocolate's jumping past suddenly came back to him and he decided to spice up the slow and boring trail competition."
photo by Elaine Lindelef
"At the local $4 gymkhana, Kyla has offered to give young Lili a turn around the barrels on a leadline. Unfortunately, while Tonopah is a terrific local gymkhana horse, he is not a kid's horse, and he was so confused by this that he knocked over a barrel. Startled, he is DONE with these Stupid Human Games and is going to do what he is always supposed to do in the arena - run flat out. Kyla is trying to stop him ... and it's good poor Lili is wearing a helmet."
photo by Karen Gerhardt
photo by Maddy Rideout
"Allie has decided that current events have made her owner a lazy couch potato, so out of love is taking her for a nice refreshing run through the fields."
photo by Michelle Eisley
"It seems Prianka lost her seat and is now set for some desert skiing"
photo by Louise Stuteley
"A juvenile delinquent escapes prison using a rope made from bedsheets liberated from fellow inmates."
photo by Hannah Mahardy
photo by Sondra Householder
"Intense Fun or extreme terror...could go either way."
photo by Julia Turner
"SOMEONE forgot to tighten the girth."
photo by Barb DiAnnibella
"This horse spooked in the schooling area, unseated his rider, and bolted back to the barn. He was not about to stop for something as mundane as a table, upsetting a group of youth who were watching the show and enjoying some lunch."
photo by Daphne Headley
"Speck's Peanut dragging Serena through the Logs Obstacle in the Youth Western Trail In-Hand Competition - all for a lady standing off-camera unknowingly holding a bag of his favorite treat: Apples!"
photo by Lindsay Gunzburger
"A little dog causes a big problem for Lorie while driving her horse through the neighborhood. Based on a true story."
photo by Leah Smith
"MaryAnne Smeckpepper wasn’t too concerned that her new dressage horse was named Murphy’s Law. After all, she lived with an odd name too. They worked well together until their first competition when Murphy lived up to his name and came to a screeching halt after finding something far more interesting than listening to his rider!"
photo by Corina roberts
"Malcolm's aptly named steed, Integrity, hears the sound of the bugle, and it is the call to march forth. And so Integrity does. Sorry Malcolm, you need to get with the program."
photo by Dora Duftschmied
"Jolly Jumper couldn't be made to cross the bridge. Neither with a rider nor without."