Sunday, September 13, 2020

All that glitters

The Pandemic Performance Panorama's Sparkly Performance class was very glittery. Here are a few of the many ways entrants interpreted this prompt.
photo by Danielle Dunn
photo by Leah Smith
photo by Anne Field
photo by September Rennie-White
photo by Hannah Mahardy
photo by Anna Dobrowolska
photo by Sanne Grandjean
photo by Ulrike Appelt
photo by Daphne Headley
Heather Jackson-Lain
photo by Jackie Stover
photo by Kerry Lawrynovicz
photo by Katherine Snively
photo by Mary Butler
photo by Tara Reich
photo by Clémentine Bonnin
photo by Theresa Johnson
photo by Jae Conway
photo by Dora Duftschmied
photo by Sanne Grandjean


  1. I love that last one: it reminds me of a famous painting.
    I see only 2 silver parade saddles. What a mind-stretcher.