Friday, September 11, 2020


Here's another great batch of photos from the Pandemic Performance Panorama. These were part of the Stable Performance class.
photo by Patrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska
"Literal Stable Performance" by Erika Baird
"Leaving Your Comfort Zone" by Sanne Grandjean
"After the Show" by Stephanie Blaylock
"Krakus" by Jaime Rowling
"Stallion at Stuc" by Ruru Cold
"To Shave or Not to Shave" by Clémentine Bonnin
"Selfie Time" by Dani Youdris
"Friends at a Hitching Post" by Danielle Dunn
"Ready and Waiting" by Sanne Grandjean
"Another Lovely Day on the Mesa" by Corina Roberts
"Barn Nights" by Michelle Brown
"Whispered Rumours" by Dora Duftschmied
"Mind the Electric Fence!" by Christine Sutcliffe
"Neighbors" by Cynthia Diaczynsky
"Bedouin Stable" by Anne Harder

A Heartfelt Stable Performance" by Sarah Warren 
"Naughty Pony" by Patrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska
"A Really Real Balancing Act" by Leah Smith
"Maisie and Teddy" by Tomas Varela

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