Friday, October 30, 2020

The great indoors, part two

 The next show on my calendar is the Field of Dolls Online Show.

Unlike the Pandemic Performance Panorama or the Mares in Black Spooktacular Photo Show, this is a standard, three section (Other/English/Western) performance show with a handful of fun classes. Realistic backgrounds are not required, but I know that as much as I love the look of a whiteboard entry, most performance judges prefer an arena setting. Several years ago, I built an indoor arena backdrop. I used it for a while, but eventually, I got tired of setting it up and tearing down. It got packed away, and I went back to white board.
Earlier this year, I spent a week cleaning and rearranging my basement. This allowed to set up a dedicated photo table. Since I no longer have to set up or tear down after every shoot, I decided it was time to bring back the indoor arena.
The arena wall was in good shape, but the fence had warped badly. 
I made a new one, and Wren chased away the spiders.
Good as new.
Now I am ready to take photos for the Field of Dolls Online Show. Woo hoo!


  1. What are your studio lights called/where did you get them? I need to know what to Google!

    1. I bought them on Amazon. They are the same ones referenced in this post by Nichelle. They aren't all the way dialed in yet, but little by little, I'm getting there.

  2. Love your arena wall. And a designated photo area? #goals

    1. We've been in this house for seventeen years, and I finally made it happen. It's been wonderful.