Saturday, September 12, 2020


Christine Sutcliffe won all three sections of the Pandemic Performance Panorama's Naked Performance with what is one of the best model horse photos ever taken. Because of this, the rest of the class kind of got overlooked. No more! Here are some of the other entries. I think we can all agree that these are pretty great, too.
"Dream about Paradise" by Anna Dobrowolska
"Shirtless Torso Calendar" by Clémentine Bonnin
"Naked Sheep Gymkhana" by Anne van der Weel
"Naked Cutting" by Corina Roberts
"Mr Bones" by Dora Duftschmied
"A Quick n Skinny Summer Dippy" by Erika Baird
"Naked Western Pleasure" by Anne Field
"Crucible" by Katie Langford
"Laura Got Caught Prepping Naked" by Theresa Johnson
"Naked Obstacles" by Cold Ruru
"Whiteware Hunter Pairs" by Andrea Brygidyr
"The Painting Party" by Sondra Householder
"Take a Bath" by Ulrike Appelt
"Murphy's Law" by Sanne Grandjean
"Nekkid Austrian" by Michelle Eisley
"Outhouse Mile High Club" by Jackie Moore
"There Goes a Streaker" by Dani Youdris
"Bridleless Riding Exhibition" by Elaine Lindelef
"Censored for Public Decency" by Heather Jackson-Lain
"Naked Andalusians" by Fabian Rodriguez
"Don't Mess With Mama" by Dora Duftschmied

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