Monday, October 12, 2020

Because everybody needs dolls

Anne Field's blog is named Field of Dolls; Because Everybody Needs Dolls.
There was a time in when I emphatically did not need dolls. 
Horses only, thanks!
Then I discovered performance showing.
Although I tried extremely hard to convince myself that riderless entries were okay, eventually, I broke down and bought a few dolls.
Then I bought a few more.
Things spiraled out of control and now I own a lot of dolls. 
And yes, I really do need them all.
Especially this one
Never has this been more obvious than this week. For reasons I no longer remember, I chose to use a standing model as my main performance horse for the Mares in Black Spooktacular Photo Show. Love N Stuff's calm demeanor served her well in classes like "Flying High!" and "All Dressed Up," but "Drama Llama" was really a challenge. There's nothing dramatic about Love N Stuff.
Dolls to the rescue! 
Karen was not pleased with her placing and is having a few words with the so-called judge.
"Just Dance" was another hard one. Fortunately, once again, the dolls saved the day.
I have a plan for "Stock Market" and "Strappy," but I have no idea what I'm going to do with "Home on the Range" and "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" That's okay. I still have a little bit of time and a whole lot of dolls. I'll figure it out!


  1. I can well agree, dolls are important (and I neither had any as a kid). I don't do showing, but I take "scene" photos, and often they include details which just would not exist without dolls. They're a big source of humor as well.

  2. What could possibly go wrong, I remember reading a post on your blog about back to back doubling.......

    1. That is on my list, but not for Love N Stuff. I feel that she's so chill, you could stack up a whole preschool of kids on her back, and it would be fine.

  3. Maybe Jose (right name?) could put his raccoon in the saddle for What could possibly go wrong?