Saturday, November 3, 2012

My clinkies

Our clinky party pumpkins arrived yesterday.
As we were admiring their sparkley goodness, it occurred to me that I now have as many glossy finish China pumpkins as I do horses.  Naturally, that thought led to a photo session.  

My small, purple pumpkin is paired with little Minnow. 
The "duplex" pumpkin, which was started by Ryan and finished by me,  goes with the mother/son combination of Amy Lou and Puck.  Amy is a Royal Doulton Shetland Pony mare and Puck is a Beswick Shetland Pony foal.
My favorite pumpkin is joined by my favorite clinky.  Balmoral Duncan is a Beswick Highland  Pony.  He was purchased for me in England by my best friend, Sarah.  I don't remember the exact year, but it was sometime in the mid 1980's.
James' good pumpkin is accompanied by another long time Braymere herd member.  Although Tourumbay came from a Southern California thrift shop, he was named after a pony that Sarah rode on that same trip abroad.  I don't know the maker of this piece, but he's the sort of Made in Japan model that was commonly found in gift shops in the 1980's.
The biggest pumpkin and the tallest horse both have their issues.  James lost interest in this pumpkin partway through the painting process.  As a result, its glaze is a bit on the patchy side, and some areas are rough and matte rather than smooth and glossy.  Similarly, the Beswick looks fine from a distance, but close inspection reveals two repaired legs.
The last horse and pumpkin combination brings together Ryan's jack-o-lantern and a comical, green pony that belonged to Seth's grandmother.  A sticker on his croup identifies him as a souvenir from Salt City in Hutchinson, Kansas. 
By hobby standards, it's a fairly humble clinky collection...
Still, I'm quite pleased with my sparkley horses and pumpkins!


  1. what about the Love piece? No pumpkin love?

  2. Until you see Minnow compared to all the others you don't really understand JUST how small she is or how small the halter you created for her is - WOW, amazing!

  3. Oh, and having you describe all the horses in your clinky collection made me look around the house at my china, Goebel and no-name horse figurines I've collected over the years and realize that I actually HAVE a CLINKY COLLECTION and didn't even realize it! Hahaha.

    Honestly, I learn something everyday I read this Blog!!

  4. Teresa--I didn't actually forget about Flamingo, but I had one more horse than pumpkin and someone had to be cut. I figured he was the best candidate because A)he's already been featured on my blog, and B) he's on a really high shelf and is hard to reach!

    Evelyn--Ha! You've outed me. One of the main reasons for the group photo was so that everyone could see exactly how small Minnow's halter is!!!

    P.S. I don't collect minis and I don't collect clinkies, but I did go on eBay last night for the express purpose of buying Minnow a mama...

  5. I never really have liked glossys but some of those are just dog gone cute!
    I'm glad Minnow's gonna get a mamma!

  6. OOOH - I have to say, I really like clinkies. :-) Must get a close-up photo of my poor little Palominos from childhood one of these days.

    I love that Highland and I REALLY love the repaired bay Beswick! If you ever get the urge to rehome let me know...