Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday favorites

Franceyn Dare is one of the hobby's most innovative customizers. I look forward to her holiday offerings all year long, and this year's Halloween group is perhaps her best yet. Franceyn writes: With Halloween just around the corner, we get to one of my cherished times of year when I get an opportunity to let just a little bit of my (weird 😛) imagination play with some of my little Halloweenies for you guys. In the lineup this year we have Trick-sie in her monster outfit, Voodette..the baby of the Voodoo family, the rare rainbow plumed Pegi-Corgi-corn and Zippidy! 

Possibly the most adorable onesie pony so far, definitely the one with the most detail and the most labour intensive haha. Trick-sie is Stablemate scale. 
She is a little bay pony, all dressed up in her "scary" monster outfit,  ready for trick or treating with her family.
This girl knows how to bust a pose.
Complete with small tail end wardrobe malfunction...
Trick-sie is ready to steal your cookies .... and your heart!
You've all met the original Voodoo, and Voodess.... well this is baby of the family "Voodette." 
Voodette is a stablemate scale foal cm, she features the body cavity with little metallic plumb and silver heart and an visible little "spine" with some holographic detail (hard to see in pics unfortunatley) in the mix there. Super detailed little foal, stitches, patches, faux material finish, button eyes and of course the all important pins!
With a heart shaped clip into his fuzzy-wuzziness, the Pegi-Corgi-Corn is a creature to behold. 
This happy, playful little bloke is actually Traditional scale, and features rainbow wings with matching rainbow unicorn horn.
Last but not least, it's Zippidy.
This little gal is all about unlocking, or rather unzipping your inner awesome!  Just underneath the surface, Zippidy hides a galaxy of holographic fabulous-ness which represents the inner beauty of all of us. 
Zippidy features a long zipper that comes down from her poll along her neck and opens up to reveal glossy, sparkly and holographic goodness.
Unfortunately the holographic qualities are pretty impossible to capture with the camera, but they are there!
Trick-sie and Voodette have already been snapped up, but the Pegi-Corgi-Corn and Zippidy are still available. Please visit the Dare Horses Facebook page for more details.
Congratulations on creating another great group of models, Franceyn. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us for Christmas!


  1. Every time I think I've seen everything a model horse could do, I get wowed out. Wow is the word.