Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Horsey Christmas

Every year I participate in a model horse gift exchange, so I wasn't surprised to find a festive package in my mailbox  yesterday. 
I checked the return address label and saw that it came from Rayvin Maddock. I thought, "Oooo! What if it's a Juggernaut!" Then I laughed at myself because that was a ridiculous idea, and the box was much too small anyway.
I took it inside and opened it up. It turns out my Secret Santa was Lynn Royea. Rayvin was the shipper/facilitator/helper elf.
 First, the bad news.
Now the good! I got some snuggly smart ass slippers...
 and a pair of Juggernaut stickers.
There were also two teeny tiny wrapped items.
Rayvin says he's a perfect 1:9 scale model in 1:9 scale. So exquisitely tiny!
Thank you so much, Lynn, and Rayvin, too! I can't believe there really was a Juggernaut in that box!

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