Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Pictures from today's ride

Yesterday, there was a coyote hanging out right next to our regular trail. We got a really good look at her as we rode by, and of course, I wasn't packing my camera. I took a couple bad cell phone pictures and vowed to try again tomorrow.
Today, Karen and I hit the trail again, and this time I had my big camera and a long lens.
We passed a million Canada geese on the golf course...
and a million prairie dogs after that. We also saw a pair of running deer, but Stealth had a reaction to those, so I wasn't able to get a picture.
We rode a little further, and there was our coyote! 
She gave us a sideways glance,
marked her territory, 
shook her head... 
and looked at us again.
Then she disappeared into a sea of dead grass. 
We rode on. 
The birds were out in force today.
We saw several red tailed hawks.
As we rode past prairie dog town for the second time, we saw a pair of bald eagles swoop down and catch their dinner. This one flew right over our heads, with his meal clutched tightly in his talons.
Right after that, we saw another big bird - maybe a Cooper's hawk?  
Karen looked at me and said, "Now we need to see an owl!" Two minutes later, this happened.
Then our coyote found us again and led the way home.
What an amazing Disney kind of ride this was!
And what a good boy Stealth is! That was a lot of stopping and standing for a horse who isn't naturally patient.
Every ride is a good ride, but today's ride was really special. I am so glad I packed my camera!

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