Thursday, December 5, 2019

On the chase

I asked my Dutch friend, Anne, if there was anything she'd like me to bring when I visit her next month. She thought about it for a minute and said that she'd really like some of the Mini Whinnies that look like tiny Breyers.
I've been wanting some of those, too, so I headed out to the local WalMart Superstore.
The toy department at WalMart is intense. 
I walked down one aisle after another. 
So much brightly colored plastic!
So many HSO's! 
These are kind of cute.
And these Jumanji animals are really nice.
It's possible that these jumped into my cart.
Finally, I found the Breyers. 
I zeroed in on the blind bags. 
There were Stablemates... 
and old style Mini Whinnies and that was it.
What a disappointment! I drove to another WalMart and then another one after that. None of them had the tiny Breyer Mini Whinnies. I'm not sure I have any more WalMart trips in me. Can someone help me out? I really want to bring Anne some Mini Whinnies!


  1. Try your tack store, or feed stores. I

  2. Here is a set on Mercari for less than thirty dollars with free shipping:

  3. Hmm... Maybe I should check my local Walmart again (surprisingly, I have yet to see a single Breyer, despite it being a 'Supercenter'.)

  4. I must admit that so much horses toys in the same place would drives crazy (because I collect them). It's always hard to find there, in comparison :'(