Monday, December 30, 2019

Blind bag Brussels

We're all familiar with blind bag models... 
But did you know there are blind bag flights, too?
First, you select a category. 
Carol and I chose Culture. 
Then you are shown the list of cities from which your blind bad will be drawn. Our options were Amsterdam, Brussels, Leipzig, Vienna, Barcelona, Milan, Zagreb, Berlin, Dresden, Rome, Bremen, Krakow and Sarajevo. Secretly, I was hoping for Vienna or Barcelona.
We bought the tickets, and held our breath as we waited to see where we were going. 
So this morning we flew to Brussels.
We checked into our hotel, then caught a train to the Atomium...
and Mini Europe.
Then we rode the train back to the hotel and walked to the Manneken Pis.
That part of Brussels smells like waffles...
and chocolate so, of course, we had some of each.
It's been another good day. I look forward to ringing in the new year here in Belgium.