Monday, December 16, 2019

Have minis will travel

In ten days, I board a plane headed for Germany.
I'll be staying with best friend, Carol for nearly four weeks. That's a long time, and it's hard to know what to pack. I've been weighing the relative merits of hiking boots vs. riding boots and trying to decide what I can and can not live without. One thing that's not up for debate is this big pile of Mini Whinnies. These are definitely going.
After several weeks of unsuccessfully searching for these in the wild, I gave in and bought a whole herd of them on the secondhand market. I'm glad I did. They are so cute.
For all of us who dreamed of someday getting a Sarah Rose Hambletonian in plastic... here he is!
And look at tiny Wixom! She is adorable.
My favorite is little Sherman Morgan. I have no particular feels for the traditional scale version of this sculpture, but I just love his new incarnation. He's just so darn cute.
It's tempting to keep the whole tiny Sherman conga for myself, but I won't. All but one are destined for bigger things.
In addition to the loose minis, I also scored a full box of unopened blind bags. We'll open these at the Dutch and German hobby get-togethers. I sure hope someone wins a Chase piece! 
Thank you, Ricky and Karla, for making this possible. I love these shrunken Breyer Mini Whinnies, but I can't wait to give them all away!

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