Friday, December 6, 2019

Friday favorites

Last year, Australian artist, Franceyn Dare wowed the hobby - and me! - with what was quite possibly the cutest holiday pony ever.
That's a hard act to follow, but it turns out that Franceyn was more than up to the task. This year, she released not one but two holiday ponies, and both of them are just fabulous!
The first is "Sugarplum." 
Sugarplum is a customized Breyer Stablemate Highland Pony, now wearing a sculpted cloak with fur edges and four green Christmas socks.
One of the socks has fallen down just a little bit, a detail which I find utterly charming!
Franceyn's second Christmas pony is "Flight."
Like Sugarplum, Flight started out as a Breyer Stablemate.
In the words of her sculptor, "This little grey pony mare is being delicately lifted off the grassy ground by a bunch of soft pearly, pastel coloured balloons tied around her little body with a pink ribbon.... the things that little (and big) girls' dreams are made of!"
I love this so much!
Flight is currently listed on eBay. Her auction ends tomorrow, so don't wait too long if you want to buy one of this year's most adorable holiday ponies.
Congratulations, Franceyn, on another wonderful holiday offering. I'm already looking forward to your 2020 creation(s)!

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