Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Doggie Christmas

Teresa Fedak had a lot of Mini Whinnies and Stablemates that needed re-homing, and she offered them to me. Between my upcoming trip to Europe and NaMoPaiMo, she knew I would have no trouble finding appreciative homes for all of them.
We both had a little last minute Christmas shopping to do, so we decided to meet at PetsMart. Darcy came with me.
As soon as we walked in the store, we saw a bin of giant rawhide bones that were marked down to just twenty five percent of their regular price. 
Teresa grabbed two shopping carts and said, "I'm going to buy them all!" 
 We cleared out that bin faster than you could say "Mini Whinny."
So many bones! 
Here they are in the back of Teresa's truck. 
And that's not all. She hit two more PetsMarts on the way home. 
and Bullet are set for life! 
Darcy and Emma each got one, too. 
Merry Christmas, Teresa! That was the most fun last minute Christmas shopping ever!


  1. I don't mean to alarm you but apparently a link has been found between rawhide bones & Cancer. Our Rottweiler used to get lots of them because she was home a lot by herself & the bones kept her busy. Sadly we lost her to Cancer back in January. If I'd known this was killing her I would have chosen differently. Just some food for thought. :^(