Wednesday, December 11, 2019


I'm not a WalMart fan.
I don't usually shop there at all, but this year I have been lured in because of the WalMart exclusive blind bag Mini Whinnies
Although I haven't managed to find those locally, I accidentally discovered another enticing WalMart exclusive toy line: Jumanji animals.
These most definitely fit the bill.
The lion is the least appealing of the bunch. He's fine, but nothing special. 
I love the bald eagle. He'll be a perfect addition to a Colorado trail riding scene, and I want to sculpt half a prairie dog for him to hold in his talons!
The bear...
and cheetah are also really nice.
I've wanted a 1:9 scale cheetah for years. This makes me very happy.
But it's the warthog who is my favorite.
Look at this face! I'm going to have a lot of fun with the warthog!
I'm really not a WalMart fan, but these animals are great. I'm glad I found them!

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  1. I am amazed that the paint job on the warthog. Those kind of toys typically get a solid edge paint job with no texture whatsoever.....well, maybe some might get a minor airbrush job - but not as textured and detailed as this! The manufactures really did a great job! (By the way, love the harness. It's not something you see everyday outside of the typical pet world. Perfect color, too).