Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy early Christmas

When I was nine years old my mother told me I had too many model horses and she wasn't going to buy them for me anymore.

Unfortunately for me, she meant what she said. From that point on, if I wanted a new model I had to buy it myself. Sure, there were occasional Breyer gifts from nonfamily members, but mostly I was on my own as far as model acquisitions went.

It's still that way. I never ask for models for Christmas. I'm no longer interested in Breyers from the hobby shop, and on the whole, I think it's better if my husband doesn't know how much most resins cost. If I want a new horse, I save my pennies and buy it myself.

That doesn't mean, however, that I don't want something horsey under my Christmas tree. Towards this end, I usually sign up for at least one hobby related Secret Santa gift exchange. This year I chose the "Esoteric Elf" exchange held over at the Watering Hole (

Yesterday I received this box in the mail.
Inside the box was a pile of presents...all of which were quickly unwrapped. I didn't even think about waiting for Christmas day! Sometimes it's fun to be nine again, even if just for a minute or two.
Here's a better look at the medallion. I regret that I do not know the official name of this piece, but it's a Fjord sculpted by Sonya Johnson. So cute!
Thank you so much to a most wonderful Esoteric Elf--Melissa Sage!


  1. I opted out of the exchanges, since I was afraid I wouldn't get my end of the deal out in time, but that looks like fun. I do have my new pack saddle sitting here, hoping for a new mount to put it on. But I'm like you, I don't ask for horses since I usually don't want many breyers, I have run out of room for them anyway, and my husband would cut me off if he knew how much some of them cost :) Happy Holidays and a New Year.

  2. I should do exchanges but like Laura, am always a little worried I won't be able to do it in the way I want to...

    Looks like you got some great loot! :)

  3. Awesome! I love that little fjord medallion - are you going to paint him yourself, or send him off?

    I opted out of SS this year, because I wasn't sure if I'd still be in the country or not. It turns out I could have participated with no problems, but better safe than sorry! I'll do it again on Blab next year I'm sure.

  4. Boy, you sure had a mean mom!

  5. Ha! Ryan wanted Lego for Christmas and at first I didn't want to get it for him. He already has SO MUCH Lego and it's scattered all over the house. I'm sick of Lego... Then I rethought and decided to go ahead and get him a box because I am not my mother. If he wants Lego I'll get him Lego. :)

  6. Have a merry Christmas!

  7. Hm. I have 16 breyers and my mum says i have too many and she won't let me buy any more models horses even with my own money. That doesn't stop my grandparents getting me a breyer for my birthday though!