Friday, December 16, 2016


Sometimes when I participate in a hobby gift exchange, I get so focused on giving I kind of forget about the getting. That's what happened Monday when I came home from my road trip and found a package from Stacy Quick waiting for me.
My first thought was, "Why is Stacy sending me something?" Then I realized: "Secret Santa!" I tore into the box and found a card and several presents.
The card contained a gift certificate to one of my favorite tack supplies, The World of Model Horse Collecting. Score! 
The wrapped packages were filled with multiple offerings from Rachel Fail's Etsy shop,
slipper socks...
something for the girls! 
Finally, in the white gift box I found a selection of fancy chocolates. 
These were especially welcome as I'd been craving chocolate for the last hundred miles of our road trip. In retrospect, I'm surprised any of them survived long enough to have their picture taken. Thank you so much, Stacy. You are a great Secret Santa!

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