Tuesday, December 17, 2019

China school: prologue

About a month ago, the Colorado hobby group met for a early holiday lunch.
At some point after the meal, Karen, Fabian and Angelo got to talking, and the idea of having a weekend China glazing workshop was born. A date was chosen, and I was invited to be the third student. I will be forever grateful for that!
Friday was the big day. We met at my house, climbed into Fabian's dad's truck and headed up the mountain. The weather was beautiful.
And then it wasn't.
We were stopped for a long time on this side of the Vail Pass. The sky was dark, the road was icy and the snow just kept falling. I started having flashbacks to that time we tried to go Leadville's Ski-joring festival.
Then - just like that - we made it through the tunnel and everything was fine again. We arrived at Karen's home in Edwards, safe, sound and ready to learn.
We were welcomed by Karen's dog, Wally, and shown to our rooms. I got the one with a traditional scale barn built by Karen's dad. Perfect.
Once everyone was settled, it was time to go upstairs to the studio
We were all giddy with excitement and spent some time exploring the space and admiring Karen's treasures.
We also couldn't help but notice that while two of our Heart of Darkness models were base-coated and standing at attention...
the third was lying on his side with a broken leg.
Karen didn't have time to make another one, so she presented us with a couple other options. Angelo was delighted to switch to a halfling Boreas, so Karen quickly airbrushed a chestnut basecoat onto one of those.
All three horses were ready to go. Karen told us to gather around the center table for our first lesson in China painting. 
In an instant, the atmosphere changed from giddy excitement to intense seriousness. China School had begun.

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