Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Rogue prepping

In 2015, I traveled to California to attend Corina Roberts' first ever Models in the Mountains live show and artist retreat.
Eventually, I decided I couldn't live without her, and a "prepped and primed" copy was delivered to my house.
At this point, I should tell you that I am really a picky prepper. While the model had definitely had some prep work done, I didn't consider her ready to paint. It wasn't even a close call. I did a little work on her, but the white primer made it hard for me to see her details. I got frustrated and banished her to the project shelf in the basement.
 And there she lingered, almost forgotten, for years. 
In September, Hanna Bear showed a Happy Trails resin in several performance classes at the Jennifer Show.
She looked amazing on the show table, and I fell in love with her all over again.
After the show was over and the dust settled, I decided it was time to resume Happy Trails' prepwork.
Teresa came over one day and watched as I did battle with a difficult seam in her banded mane.

"You should just scrape it off and start over," she told me. "She'd be a lot more versatile with a loose mane."
I really didn't want to do it, but Teresa had a point. One thing led to another, and now my Happy Trails has a new 'do.
 Shortly after that, I took her to a project party at Fabian's house.

He looked her over and said, "That's a really big tail for an Appaloosa. You should sculpt her a new one.

Again, I really didn't want to, but once the idea took hold, I just couldn't leave well enough alone.
So the mane is Teresa's fault and the tail is Fabian's. I wish I could blame the leg on someone else, but that one's on me.
This is why I don't prep for other people anymore. In addition to being incredibly slow, I don't seem to know the difference between prepping and customizing. Please send help. My Happy Trails resin needs it!

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