Saturday, December 7, 2019

Snow shoes

Today I went riding with Diana. 
It was a fun ride, and also, a snowy one.
Both Stealth and Guaranteed are blessed with good Arabian feet. They're both barefoot for the winter, which provides them with optimum traction in the snow and greatly lessens the incidence of snowballs forming in their hooves. 
A snowball under Santana's foot. I took this picture after our big October snowstorm. He's now safely outfitted with snow pads.
Mary Jo's horse Scarlett isn't as lucky. She needs to wear shoes year round. To prevent snowballs,  Mary Jo has her fitted with snow popper pads during the winter months. These went on in November, and Mary Jo posted a photo essay about the process on the Old Cowgirls Never Die Facebook page. I thought it was interesting, so I'm reposting it here today. Hopefully, some of you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Scarlett's Winter Shoes

by Mary Jo Stark

I have been asked several times about the snow poppers I put on Scarlett during the winter. She doesn't grow a lot of heel, so barefoot is not an option. This is the first year I have had to put them on so early, usually I do the last week of December. 
First the old shoes are pulled and the hooves are trimmed.
Trimmed feet and a beautiful pose!
The shoes are forged and fitted to her hooves.
This is a snow popper pad. It is fitted and centered to shoe.
It's then riveted into place.
The nail holes are drilled into the popper pads...
and the rough edges are filed smooth. 
The popper is filled with ground leather and hoof pack to prevent thrush.It's hoof pack. The main ingredients of the hoof pack are iodine and turpentine.
Finally the shoe is nailed into place. 
We are ready for winter riding!

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