Monday, December 23, 2019

Our horse husbands

I have been riding Stealth for more than a year. He is, perhaps, my favorite horse to ride, so I talk about him a lot.

"Today," I whined, "Even Stealth had poop on his head."

Seth said, "Stealth isn't white."

"Yes, he is," 

"I thought he was black."

"Well, technically he's grey so he might have been born black, but he's twenty years old. He's been white for a long time. Or not white because poop on his head. Whatever."

"I really thought he was black."

poop on the head
It's not just Seth. Mary Jo showed her husband, Ed, the Kenlyn Christmas collage and asked him to identify Scarlett, the horse she's owned for more than a decade. 
He chose Flynn. 
That's understandable. They're both blaze faced chestnuts. 
She asked him to guess again. This time he picked Mikey.
Sorry, Ed. That's not good enough. You're getting a lump of coal in your stocking.
still Mikey
We told Flynn's owner, Becca, this story, and she decided to see if her husband could identify Flynn.
still Flynn
He chose Scarlett.
still Scarlett
But hey! At least he didn't pick Mikey!

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