Saturday, December 14, 2019

Weekend Showcase: Cold Ruru

Recently, I put a call out for guest posts on the Braymere Custom Saddlery Facebook. One of the people who responded was Cold Ruru. A resident of the French Alps, Ruru is one of the hobby's best photographers. I am constantly amazed by the pictures she posts of her model Appaloosas in front of mountains, castles, oceans and European landmarks. When she asked what I'd like to see in a guest post, I said: Mountains, water, castles, Appaloosas! In hindsight that was probably a ridiculous ask, but Ruru was more than up to the task. She sent me not one but two beautiful guest posts. This one is mostly focused on mountains, but there's also a little bit of water and a whole lot of spots. Thank you, Ruru!

First of all, Mountains

by Cold Ruru

It might be difficult to believe, but I come from a country with no mountains at all. Belgium, as Jacques Brel sings, "Le plat pays qui est le mien." The flat country who's mine.
"Does that count as landscape?"
photo taken at Atomium, Brussels, Belgium
I moved to the mountains in another better known country than mine, France. Some of my pictures come from the French Pyreneans...
but most are from the French side of the Alps.
This side is drier, wilder and more impressive to me. The Unesco Géoparc of the Haute Provence Alps is filled with natural curiosities, that push me into a photographic frenzy. I want to take pictures of everything! If the mountains are curious looking, that's because a large part of it is made of Black Earth. This can be seen in several places, but I do not dare to climb there. It is very fragile.
taken at Dourbes, France
The earth also can be very colorful. This is the ochre quarry that can be found in Provence.
taken at Rustell, France
Other unexpected colours are found near hot water sources, which are rich in sulfur and create amazing patterns. 
taken at Mt Dauphin, France
There are so many natural and beautiful shades of earth and stone!
taken at Mt Dauphin, France
If you want to travel in fantasy lands, you can found Hoodoo (or fairy chimney) that, typically consists of relatively soft rock topped by harder, less easily eroded stone that protects each column from the elements and erosion.
taken at Pontis, France
Which leads me to the Petrifiying Fountains, in places where water is too rich in limestone, that creates such out of the world landscapes.
taken at Réotier, France
Speaking of which, there is a  very short and constricted canyon in the Alps called "les Clues (de Barles)". Transverse valleys form a water gap where, during the course of earth history, the erosion of a river cuts a path through a mountain.
taken at Barles, France
My favorite one is at Les Mées, which owes its notoriety to the narrow rocks rising up more than one hundred metres behind the town.
taken at Les Mées, France
In all the varieties of landscape, I see wild horses wandering... 
But it's not just the beauty of the landscape that catches my eyes, it's also the weather. Sunshine is an obvious choice...
taken at Céüse, France
but I must admit... I do prefer clouds and mists,
taken at la Pierre Percée, France
taken at Selonnet, France
and even, snow.
taken at Col Fanget, France
That's what I love about mountains. They are ever changing and filled with challenge, but also, a good place to let your horses play,
taken at Mt Dauphin, France
struggle to found their path,
taken at Chabanon, France
face the weather,
taken at Col Fanget, France
brave the elements,
 taken at Grand Serre's Waterfall, France
amaze us...
taken at Pré de Mme Carle, France
And watch the sun go down!
taken at Selonnet
And I hope you do not like the sea best!
taken at la Mer du Nord (north sea), Belgium


  1. Wow Jennifer!
    Cold Guru's photos/model horses are just *amazing* !!
    I noticed that the shots are in different parts of France?? Is there any way of asking her if these are surrounding counties to where she lives (similar to suburban. towns to large cities in the U.S.) or does she have to travel long distances to get the photo she wants??
    I've seen her blog--but I don't leave comments because my phone wants to translate what I write to some weird gibberish! (heh!)

  2. Uh-oh! See what I. mean?? That should have been RURU *not* Guru!

  3. These are incredible! I do believe that is a Stormwatch I painted. How neat to see him in these beautiful surroundings!

  4. Stunning...Cold Ruru, you have an amazing ‘eye’ for each photo! The details are wonderful...I find myself immersed in the overall photo, taking in all the details! Thank you for such a creative Post!