Thursday, December 19, 2019

China school: round three

Angelo, Fabian and I were positively giddy the first time our horses came out of the kiln. 

"Look what we did!" We squealed. 

"He's so pretty!"

"I love him."

The results of the second firing were overwhelming in a different kind of way. Fabian was mostly pleased with his horse, but Angelo and I had emotions. I was sad to see that all my careful shading had perhaps been a little too careful. Most of it had disappeared into muddy oblivion. Angelo had the opposite problem. Her shading and dapples - which had looked so good when the paint was wet - were now much too harsh. 

"What did we do?" We groaned.

"He looks terrible."

"I ruined him."
Karen let us wallow for a few minutes. Then she reminded us that we were on a schedule, everything was fixable and now it was time to learn how to paint eyes. 
She got out a liner brush and put a black rim around big Boreas' eye.
Then, she filled the iris with brown paint, carefully pushing that color into the black rim. She added a black pupil in the middle and a lighter highlight on the bottom of the eye.
Ta da! Beautiful, luminous eyes! 
She also gave us a quick hoof painting tutorial, before sending us to our work stations. 
I like painting eyes so I did that first, and I think they turned out pretty well. Of course, they would probably look a lot better if I had succeeded in getting some darker shading around them... Oh well! 
I redid some of the areas I'd shaded before and painted his tail. I also painted his hooves three times. Try as I might, I just couldn't get them done to my satisfaction. Fortunately, Karen was able to step in and help. She helped both Fabian and Angelo in a similar manner, and all of us were feeling pretty good about our horses at the end of this session.
Three horses (and a bust) in the the kiln.
Three finished horses in the photo booth!
My guy would certainly benefit from another couple rounds of glazing, but I like him just the way he is. 
Thank you, Karen, Fabian and Angelo for a most amazing weekend. I learned so much. I am so inspired.

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