Sunday, October 29, 2017

Westerly Design studio tour

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about "dream studios." Karen Gerhardt's wasn't among those featured, but that's only because I hadn't seen it yet. Now I have, and let me tell you: This is a beautiful work space.
Karen is a sculptor and finishwork artist, specializing in custom glaze Chinas.
Her studio has separate spaces for both endeavors. 
This one is going to be amazing.
These are her China molds...
and here are some of her paint brushes. Everything is so neat and organized! 
The studio also houses some of Karen's personal collection... 
with an emphasis on the models she sculpted herself.
There are multiple examples of her two Breyers, 
including some gorgeous one of a kind pieces painted by Karen at the Breyer factory.
The next two pictures will probably give some OF collectors a heart attack, so take a deep breath before proceeding. Neither Shannondell...
or Vahana are original finish. They are both aftermarket glossies.
Also interesting, but not OF are the shrinky Shannondells. 
Both Middledell... 
and Littledell were created before Karen sold the sculpture to Breyer. 
The rest of the photos aren't part of the official studio tour, since they were taken in other parts of the home.
Here are some of Karen's original finish Chinas...
I have a little broken one just like this!...
and most of her custom glaze collection.
 So gorgeous!
Karen's house is also filled with some beautiful two dimensional art, including these paintings by her aunt and two well known hobby artists, Sue Rowe and Sarah Rose.
Thank you again, Karen, for inviting us to your beautiful home!

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