Sunday, November 17, 2019

Early Christmas

Every year the Colorado model horse group gets together for a holiday lunch and Christmas gift exchange. This year's event happened yesterday at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Westminster. 
I personally thought November 16 was too early for a holiday happening, but ended up with the biggest turnout we've ever had. I think at one point, we were seventeen people strong!
After a delicious meal, it was time to open the presents!
We alternate between Secret Santa and White Elephant style gift exchanges. 
 This year was Secret Santa, which I prefer. It seems so much more personal.
Somehow Angelo and I ended up gifting each other. I gave her a traditional scale halter and a gift card to Meininger Art Supply. She gave me... so many things!
As much as I love the hobby stuff, perhaps my favorite thing is this chonky scarf. Angelo - who is Croatian - described it as a "perfect going to Europe in winter scarf." I just happen to be going to Europe next month, and I can not wait to put this to good use.
November 16 is really early for a Christmas get together, but maybe not. This seemed like a perfect beginning to the holiday season. Cue the Christmas music. I'm ready to go shopping!


  1. Introductions...? What a great idea to have a get together. Congratulations! I spotted a canoe!

  2. Santa's always a good and fun way to celebrate. Also, I've sent you a PM on your facebook page.