Friday, September 27, 2019


The last Jennifer Show Performance class was the last class of the Jackpot Performance Division and the last performance class of the entire show. 
In its original conception, this class was intended to be a way for showers to use their Jennifer Show winnings in a performance entry.
Some people did exactly that. 
Other people put up entries with lots of Jennifer Show branding.
I love this. 
I also love this.
And, you know, Jennifer Show IPA should totally be a thing. 
Maybe next time. 
Barb Diannibella set up a Jennifer Show souvenir stand.
Some of the wares included "plaques,"
t-shirts, key chains and...
Darleen Stoddard created a Jennifer Show win photo, complete with trophy saddle.
Not going to lie, I covet that trophy saddle!
Erin Corbett and Leah Koerper pooled resources to create a big and little wOrKinG pAiRS entry.
This included some Jennifer Show logos on the arena wall, but mostly it was a case of "Here's an entry I could only show at the Jennifer Show." 
Ditto for Leah's solo "I needed a reference photo for a model horse show so my real horse friends and I staged this scene and took pictures" set-up.
Other entrants also opted for the big-and-ridiculous, only-at-the-Jennifer-Show approach. 
 Sue Rowe's wagon had everything from skulls to giant guinea pigs to Ronald McDonald...
 and Niki Hertzog had a golf cart filled with George Morris, dogs and a wide selection of other 1:9 scale treasures.
I can't imagine what inspired this.
The Jennifer Show was an amazing show, and the Jennifer Show Performance class was an amazing explosion of performance creativity and awesomeness. I loved every single entry!