Saturday, September 28, 2019

Bobbie and Bo's post TJS adventure

Earlier this summer, my friend, Bobbie Allen, and her husband, Jeff, moved back to the United States after spending four years in Japan. The first order of business upon arrival was BreyerFest buying horse property in their new home, Grand Forks, North Dakota. That took a little longer than expected, but they finally moved into their new place in early September.
Then Bobbie got in the truck and drove to Aurora, Colorado for the Jennifer Show.
After the show, she got back in the truck and drove on to Arizona to pick up her horse, Bo, who had been living with a friend while she was overseas.
Bobbie loaded up Bo and drove back to Colorado. They stopped to visit family along the way, and arrived back in Aurora Tuesday afternoon. Bobbie had arranged to keep Bo at Kenlyn for a few days, so I headed over there as soon as they landed. 
Bo was a little stiff after so much time in the trailer. Bobbie hand-walked him a bit, then turned him out and let him sniff and roll.
After that, we tucked him into his temporary stall with a flake of hay. He settled in as if he'd lived there forever. What a nice boy!
He was much sounder the next morning so Bobbie got on him for a quick spin around the ring.
This is the point where I feel compelled to tell you that Bo is an eighteen year old stallion who has been used for breeding. He had not been ridden in more than four years, and Bobbie just hopped on him bareback and off they went. No big deal.
What a wonderful partnership!
Bobbie asked if I wanted to ride him, which was pretty much a rhetorical question.
I would ride this horse any day, anywhere. 
He is a total love. Thank you for sharing him with me, Bobbie!
We also snuck in another quick bareback ride on Thunder. Bobbie had never ridden a gaited horse, and clearly that was an omission that needed to be corrected.
The non-barn parts of the day included a lot of arting. Like everyone else, Bobbie and I were both feeling the post-Jennifer Show creative boost. Together we designed a camel costume for Iamafam...
and on Thursday, we visited Denver's best art supply store.
NaMoPaiMo is coming, and we are (almost) ready!
Fabian joined us for dinner on Thursday night, and then we all went to the barn to pet Bo and hook up the trailer.
Yesterday morning, we went to the barn at dawn. Bobbie collected Bo...
and loaded him onto the trailer. 
Then they headed out on the next leg of their journey.
Safe travels, my friends. You and Bo are welcome here anytime.


  1. LOVE! He is so dang handsome and I am glad you caught great smiles. Happy Bobbie is back stateside and horsing around already!

  2. So that's why Bobbie (and Bo) have been on my mind this past (offline for me) weekend. So glad to get the details, ladies.

  3. I was just showing this post to Jeff, again. You took such good pictures of my Bo boy and I still can't get over how well my rusty trailer looks in the last picture. So majestic. LOL This was a great trip! <3