Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fangirling at TJS

The second installment in Darleen's Stoddard's four-post Jennifer Show series is all about fangirling. What I bet she doesn't realize is that there were some people in the hall fangirling over her as well!

Fangirling at TJS

by Darleen Stoddard

As I stated before, the biggest reason for my attendance at the Jennifer Show was the people.  
I have not always felt this way, but after a large break from the hobby, I realized it was the people that I really missed. Since then this has been my draw, and a big reason why I focus mostly on halter now. Performance is a blast, but it does not leave much time for visiting. I am rather bummed that I did not get to visit much with the awesome performance showers on the other side of the room, but they were super busy, and my feet felt a bit like bloody stumps after just walking to/from the halter tables. 
Jackie Rossi and Tiffany Purdy, photo by Darleen Stoddard
Niki Hertzog, photo by Darleen Stoddard
The first thing I did when the doors rolled open on Saturday was to make a beeline for Kylee's table. Wad of cash in hand, I nervously stood and waited to talk to her. Oh my gosh, Kylee Parks, y'all. 
Kylee Parks and Erica Ferguson, photo by Darleen Stoddard
There are just no words. To say I was fangirling is an understatement. I vaguely remember sputtering on and on about how awesome her work is and being a biggest fan (who doesn't say that?), and she didn't laugh at me or anything. In fact, she genuinely appreciated it. Not only that, but she greeted me by name the next day *and* (holds back tears) said kind words about my finishwork. I don't mean to sound like a crazy lady, but that really made my year.
Kylee Parks, photo by Gail Hildebrand
This proved to be only the beginning of the awesomeness that was the people at this show.  Later I met Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, whose sculptures I can safely say represent half of my collection in plastic and resin form.  And they are SO MUCH FUN to paint!
I've been a fan since pretty much day one of my entry into the hobby. I don't think our hobby would be half what it is without her and all that she has done. And now A Good Vintage and Medallion Mayhem on top of things... icing on the cake! As awesome as she is as an artist, she is even more awesome as a person. And just like Kylee, she seemed to truly appreciate the kind words about her work.
Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, photo by Beth McCarley
I could go on and on about the awesome people that I got to meet in the flesh while at the show. All were so much more amazing in person than I could have ever expected. I held great conversations with the likes of Sue Rowe and Lesli Kathman.  
Sue Rowe and Lesli Kathman
Sue is one of the two Sues I idolized as a tackmaker when I started out, and Lesli's amazing clinky painting skills and endless knowledge about the different breed colors/patterns/genetics abound.  
Sue Rowe, Teresa Fedak, Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and Lesli Kathman, photo by Sue Row
I got hugs from people I only knew of due to social media like we'd been friends forever, and everybody was just so kind.  There were a few times I went to gather my models from the open rings, and was pleasantly surprised about their placement.  The best part, though, was when someone would ask who painted my model, I'd say "I did!", and they'd have such kind words to say about it.  Again and again I was shown how awesome the hosts/judges/helpers/showers were, but day three proved it in spades.

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