Saturday, September 7, 2019

Rock hounds

Rock painting is a pastime that unites communities one colorful rock at a time. Amateur artists decorate rocks and hide them in public places. If you find a painted rock, you can keep it as long as you make another one to hide somewhere else. Organized by state, county or town, rock painting groups typically originate on Facebook. No surprise, I have several rock painters in my own Facebook friends list, one of whom is Heather Jackson-Lain. Recently, Heather painted portrait rocks of Darcy and Emma and sent them to me with her Jennifer Show donations.
Of course, I immediately staged a photo shoot with my good dog, Darcy.
 Darcy says, "What this?"
"That look like Emma." 
"I no like Emma."
"That look like me." 
"Pretty rock. I like." 
I also got one picture of Emma with her rock. She says, "This look like me. It pretty."
Thank you so much, Heather. Your rocks really did brighten my day!

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