Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Candyland performance: Round five

There were a lot of different ways to interpret most of the performance classes at last Saturday's Candyland Live, but one thing was always abundantly clear: My entry for the fifth class - "Make 'em Laugh" -  was going to feature George Morris, Jose and my 1:9 scale golf cart.
This isn't new territory for me. George, Jose and the golf cart made an appearance at Amber Schultz' Backwoods Two Day Show in 2017. I was pleased with that entry, but I always thought I could make it a little bit bigger and better.
So I did. This is George and Jose delivering the BreyerFest celebration horse to Kentucky.
They have everything they need to survive a week in Lexington: booze,
and room signs
I had so much fun - and also so much help - setting up this entry. Multiple people came over to join in the golf cart decoration. Even Jackie - who was doing her best to win the class herself - got in on the fun. That's her NAMHSA fruit plate on the El Pastor box. After placing it there, she stepped back, sighed happily and said, "This is BreyerFest."
Of course there were other entries in the class.
Margaret had a really cute drunken bachelorette party complete with unicorn duckies...
and Jackie had a clever cat herding entry.
But come on. I had Jose, George and all of BreyerFest. Round Five of Candyland Live performance went to me. 
After five classes, Jackie and I were tied with two wins a piece. It was clear this would be a fight to the finish, but I feeling pretty optimistic about my chances. After all, the next class was PINK! and I had something really, really, really special planned for that.


  1. I love everything about this entry!

    1. There are a whole lot of Desktop printables in this entry!

  2. I feel like my life is incomplete since I don't own a 1:9 scale inflatable unicorn raft and a golf cart.

    1. I might be able to help you with one of those...

  3. Bungee cords!? Fire extinguisher... Snowcones... radio headphones: "Room Service, I'll have some whirled peas, please."