Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Dee's TJS donation

Anne isn't the only Jennifer Show donor who wants deserves a good blog post. So many people have given so many things, and I want to write a really great post for every single one of them.
Unfortunately, it might not happen. 

While some posts almost write themselves, others are a struggle. It is surprisingly difficult to write so many similar posts in a way that is both interesting and non-repetitive. There's also the matter of pictures. Setting up the photo table, taking the photos, editing the photos. It all takes time and energy, and I am so, so, so tired.

Still, I persist.

Yesterday, I received a gorgeous set of Akhal Teke collars from Dee Crawley of DeeC's Designs.
Dee is the Queen of Horse Jewelry. Her work is neat, precise, detailed and perfectly in scale.
I love it.
I also love that I did not have to take these pictures. 
Thank you, Dee. The collars are amazing and the photos are a lifesaver. I really, truly appreciate both!


  1. You're making some good decisions. Says I who love Akhal Tekes...! Yay Dee!

  2. You're welcome, and glad you like it!