Thursday, September 19, 2019

The TJS trail ride

On Monday, eleven of us headed up the mountain to Central City to go on a group ride at A&A Historical Trails. Darleen Stoddard was part of that group, and here is her account of our very fun, two hour ride. Thanks again, Darleen!

The TJS After Show Trail Ride

by Darleen Stoddard

After two long days of model horse showing, I woke up Monday with a body that was strongly objecting to the idea of a two hour trail ride. However, I'd purposely scheduled my flight for the evening so that I could go, and I was not going to miss out! It was worth sitting in rush hour traffic, worth the crazy winding road drive up into the mountains, and the bumpy ride up the dirt road at the end. The weather was absolutely perfect, so perfect we had to debate wearing a sweatshirt/jacket or not. My saddle was comfy, my horse Jamba was a sweet, sleepy ol' guy who plodded along while I snapped pictures. 
Darleen on Jamba, photo by Andrea Brydgidyr
I finally got to take a view-through-the-ears picture of my own.
The scenery was A-MAZE-ING!
Teresa Fedak on Ace
And the company, well... some of the best. 
We all share that love of horses, both the breathing and the inanimate variety.  
Teresa Fedak on Ace
Amy McCudden on Bonnie
Andrea Brygidyr and Jennifer Buxton
I could have ridden, taken pictures, and gabbed with them for days. 
Jennifer Buxton on Archie
But alas, it was over all too quickly. We met up at Tommyknocker in nearby Idaho Springs for a fun group lunch.
Teresa Fedak, Jennifer Buxton, Erica Ferguson, Andrea Brygidyr, Morgen Kilbourn Rossomando, Oakes Rossomando, Amy McCudden, Laurie Jo Jensen, Elaine Lindelef and Allie Davidson
Then I made the mad dash to the airport, and a whole new TJS story began.

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