Thursday, September 5, 2019

Hungry as a horse

Horses like to eat.
They like to eat a lot.
Some horses like to eat so much, it's become a running joke. 
How much did Chino eat today? Did he strip the ground bare?
Hobbyists are a lot like horses.
post Super-CALI-Fragilistic dinner
We also like to eat.
Colorado hobbyist lunch
Some of us like to eat so much, it's become a running joke.
post BreyerFest 2017 barbecue
Did you know Tiffany is a Meatatarian?
post A Mid Winter Night's Ball dinner
Unfortunately, long show days can wreak havoc on even the most dedicated meatatarian's appetite. Sometimes you're just so busy tacking horses, the only way you'd have time to eat is if the food just magically appeared on your table.
Not a show table, but best I could do
As much as possible, that's what Jenn and I are planning to do at the Jennifer Show on September 14 and 15. In addition to buying lunch for the showers and staff, we will also have a fully stocked snack bar both days. I've already done some shopping, but I'm going to need some help.
If you are attending the Jennifer Show and you have any extra room in your car, please consider bringing a snack or two to the show hall. Anything and everything is welcome, but I would especially appreciate a Keurig or other coffee maker, as well as snacks that aren't super sugary.

As a thank you, everyone who contributes to the snack table will receive free raffle tickets. The more food you bring, the more tickets you get!
And you know, there are going to be some pretty nifty things in the raffle!
The Jennifer Show is only nine days away. I can't wait to see everyone. Please come hungry! 

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